We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Edward Stettner, MD

Program Director

Medical School: Sidney Kimmel Medical College Residency: Temple University

Fun Fact/Hobbies:

Enjoys exploring the Atlanta food and beverage scene and rock climbing.
Former APD of Emory EM prior to becoming the Wellstar Kennestone Program Director.

Derrick Ashong, MD

Assistant Program Director, PGY-1

Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK Undergraduate: Yale University Medical School: Emory University Residency: Johns Hopkins University Academic Interests: Social EM, Ultrasound

Fun Fact:

I have yet to meet someone who does not immediately sing “Oklahoma!” from the musical when they find out I’m from Oklahoma.

Juron Foreman, MD

Assistant Program Director, PGY-2

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA Undergraduate: Temple University Medical School: University of Pennsylvania Residency: Emory University Academic Interests: Simulation, Bedside Teaching

Fun Fact/Travel Story/Advice:

I broke my femur in Cancun on my last day of vacation before medical school. Had surgery and spent 10 days in the hospital in Mexico. Yea… don’t do that.

Dilani Weerasuriya, MD

Assistant Program Director, PGY-3

Hometown: Macon, GA Undergraduate: Stanford University Medical School: Emory University Residency: Emory University Academic Interests: Developing teaching and mentoring skills.

Fun Fact:

Most of my free time is actively spent keeping my small children from accidentally killing themselves.

Karen Bowers, MD

EMS Director

Hometown: Atlanta, GA Undergraduate: University of Georgia Medical School: Virginia Tech Carilion Residency: Emory University Fellowship: EMS (Indiana University) Academic Interests: EMS, Disaster Medicine, Infectious Disease

Fun Fact:

I run long-distance triathlon and ultramarathons and am an expert on how to survive all day on gel-based “food” from foil packets and the perfect ratio of cranberry Red Bull to electrolyte mix.  I am also famously directionally challenged, which has led to some epic wrong-turn misadventures, one of which ended with me climbing down a mountain in Pittsburgh with my bike, after accidentally riding it onto the interstate.

Kyle Embertson, MD

Ultrasound Director

Hometown: Lexington, KY Undergraduate: University of Georgia Medical School: University of Kentucky Residency: Medical University of South Carolina Fellowship: Ultrasound (MUSC) Academic Interests: Ultrasound

Hobbies and Fun Fact:

Enjoys eating, traveling, watching soccer (Liverpool), scuba diving and skiing.

Spent a year backpacking Asia, Africa and South America after undergrad. Highly recommend the next time you have a year of free time. 

Richard Kleiman, MD

Medical Toxicology Co-Director

Hometown: Durham, NC Undergraduate: Davidson College Medical School: Wake Forest University Residency: Palmetto Health (now Prisma Health) Fellowship: Medical Toxicology (Emory University/CDC/Georgia Poison Center) Academic Interests: Medical Toxicology

Fun Fact:

Former traveler, now full-time dad. Happy to share old stories, but probably better told in person.

Benjamin Levy, MD

Off-Service Rotations GME Director

Hometown: Northport, MI (Pop. 526) Undergraduate: University of Michigan Medical School: Emory University Residency: University of New Mexico Fellowships: Tropical Medicine (London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene), Epidemic Intelligence Service (CDC). Academic Interests: Medical history, medical errors and heuristics, dispelling medical myths, international health care, travel medicine, epidemiology.

Best medical quote: At a cardiac arrest, the first procedure is to take your own pulse. -Samuel Shem
Best philosophical quote: I arise in the morning torn between a desire to save the world and a desire to savor the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.  -EB White Worst quote: Trying is the first step toward failure. -Homer Simpson

Tariq Noohani, DO

Administration Fellowship Director

Hometown: Miami, FL Undergraduate: Florida International University Medical School: Nova Southeastern University Residency: Lehigh Valley Health Academic Interests: Critical Care, Advanced Airway Management, Administrative EM


Traveling and experiencing new cultures and cuisine.  Discovering cool places off the beaten path. 

Mohan Punja, MD

Medical Toxicology Co-Director

Hometown: Gainesville, FL Undergraduate: University of Virginia Residency: Mt. Sinai Beth Israel Fellowship: Medical Toxicology (Emory University/CDC/Georgia Poison Control) Academic Interests: Medical Toxicology, Simulations, Pediatric EM

Fun Fact:

I am not fun. In fact, my former residents nicknamed me Dr. “Buzzkill” Punja.

Nauman Rashid, MD

Residency Research Director

Hometown:  Atlanta, GA Undergraduate:  Emory University Graduate:  Tulane University Medical School: Meharry Medical College Residency:  Lincoln Medical Center (Bronx, NY) – Emergency Medicine            Good Samaritan Hospital (Cincinnati, OH) – Internal Medicine Academic Interests: Research, Journal Club, Sim, Oral Boards  

Fun Fact:

Grady baby. Lifelong suffering ATL/GA sports fan. Proud dad of 3 little monsters. Favorite quote “What is the best med school/residency program? The one you get into!”

Rayan Rouhizad, DO

Trauma/Orthopedics Rotation Director

Hometown: Coral Springs, FL Undergraduate: University of Florida Medical School: Nova Southeastern University Residency: Mount Sinai – Miami Beach Academic Interests: Orthopedics, Trauma, Medical Legal

Hobbies and Advice:

I enjoy attending my 3 sons’ sporting events and attending/participating in automotive racing.
Don’t take life so seriously! Enjoy it.

Katie Seal, MD

Residency Curriculum Director

Hometown: Johns Creek, GA Undergraduate: University of Georgia Medical School: Medical College of Georgia Residency: Emory University Academic Interests: Curriculum


Traveling, entertaining, and hanging out with my two babies. From her mentees –> “She throws the best holiday parties.”

Erik Trosclair, MD

Medical Student Education Director

Hometown: Marrero, LA Undergraduate: LSU Baton Rouge Medical School: LSU New Orleans Residency: Palmetto Health Academic Interests: Education, EKG

Fun Fact:

I lived on a cruise ship for 6 months.