We believe that simulation education is a critical component to support the intense clinical environment at Wellstar Kennestone. Simulation education allows residents to obtain procedurally proficiency, in addition to gaining comfort and experience in assessing common presentations of uncommon diseases or uncommon presentations of common diseases. The curriculum is based on real-life cases seen in the ED, iterated on feedback from the many residents who have gone through these cases. Residents go to our Patient Simulation Lab once a month during conference. We have multiple amazing high-fidelity simulators, in addition to procedure specific trainers such as intubation, lumbar puncture, and ultrasound guided central line (Blue Phantom).  The simulation experience remains a popular and invigorating part of our resident education–so much so that some residents request additional time in our sim lab! 

Our Simulation Team:

Nauman Rashid, MD
Residency Research Director
Mohan Punja, MD, FACEP, FACMT
Co-director, Medical Toxicology
Director, Simulation Education

I enjoy seeing how four different groups of residents approach the same case differently, and may come to different conclusions; it is fascinating how we can analyze these interactions during the debrief and improve resident interpersonal communication skills and cognitive frameworks for analyzing clinical data. This process makes our residents clinically stronger and our department a safer place.
Juron Foreman, MD
Assistant Program Director, PGY2